• 33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022

Special Sessions

  • Proposer: SC Accident Prevention
    Chair: Karen Michell

    Speaker: Susan Michaelis
    Title: Aviation’s Aerotoxic Syndrome in a post pandemic world
    Speaker: Ella Arensman
    Title: Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention in the Workplace (MENTUPP)
    Speaker: Malcolm Staves
    Title: A L’Oréal Case Study: People Sustainability and Covid-19: Challenges, lessons learnt and the future of Health, Safety & Wellbeing in a VUCA world

  • Proposer: SC Ageing and Work
    Chair: Jodi Oakman and Karin Proper

    Speaker: Paul Rothmore
    Title: Designing interventions to maintain work ability
    Speaker: Subas Neupane
    Title: Effect of a workplace factors and intervention on retirement pathways
    Speaker: Cécile Boot
    Title: Occupational exposures associated with life expectancy without and with disability
    Speaker: Maaike van der Noordt
    Title: Future health prior to state pension age – explorations for the Netherlands 2040

  • Proposer: SC Allergy and Immunotoxicology
    Chair: Claudia Petrarca and Hiroo Wada

    Speaker: Yasumitsu Nishimura
    Title: Functional impairment and altered gene expression in human CD8+ T cell line caused by long-term exposure to asbestos, related with malignant mesothelioma
    Speaker: Hiroo Wada
    Title: Environmental Exposure in workplaces in the post-/with-COVID-19 era
    Speaker: Claudia Petrarca
    Title: Does microRNA characterized asbestos-related diseases?
    Speaker: Francesca Larese Filon
    Title: Green coffee allergy and exposure to nanoparticles in harbour workers

  • Proposer: SC Cardiology in OH
    Chair: Nicola Magnavita and Franca Barbic

    Speaker: Nicola Magnavita
    Title: The mediating role of sleep in the relationship between occupational stress and cardiovascular risk
    Speaker: Eleonora Tobaldini
    Title: Sleep, autonomic nervous system and cardiometabolic risk: occupational implications
    Speaker: Alicja Bortkiewicz
    Title: Physiological reaction to the night work in truck drivers
    Speaker: Franca Barbic
    Title: Cardiovascular autonomic disorders and work ability: a focus on post-acute COVID-19 syndrome
    Speaker: Sergio Garbarino
    Title: Neurophysiology of sleep in workers’ health and safety during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Proposer: SC Education and Training in Occupational Health and SC OH in Small-Scale Enterprises and Informal Sector and Special Interest Group on Workers’ Health of WONCA and Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH)
    Chair: Frank van Dijk and Somnath Gangopadhyay

    Speaker: Suvarna Moti
    Title: Video-based Modular Training On Occupational Health Risks In Informal Work For Primary Care Physicians In India
    Speaker: Astrid Sulistomo
    Title: Recent Approaches to Increase Access to BOHS for Indonesian Worker Population by Government and Medical Schools
    Speaker: Somkiat Siriruttanapruk
    Title: BOHS The Development of Tools and interventions for improvement of Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) in Thailand
    Speaker: Somnath Gangopadhyay
    Title: Occupational Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene for Evaluation of Health-Related Hazards in Informal Sectors and SMEs

  • Proposer: SC Education and Training in Occupational Health and ICOH Communication and Information Task Group
    Chair: Yohama Caraballo-Arias and Frank van Dijk

    Speaker: Yohama Caraballo-Arias
    Title: How to find reliable online information, a bottleneck for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals?
    Speaker: Bente Moen
    Title: A MOOC to teach basics on Occupational Health in a global setting. A collaboration between Norwegian and African universities
    Speaker: Thomas P. Fuller
    Title: Global initiatives for online and blended education in occupational hygiene
    Speaker: Max Lum
    Title: Mission Impossible? Utilizing Wikipedia in the Pandemic Era: Building our Community of Practice

  • Proposer: SC Effectiveness in Occupational Health Services (EOHS)
    Chair: Stefania Curti and Seong-Kyu Kang

    Speaker: Jelena Djokovic
    Title: Occupational Health Services in Serbia – current situation and perspective
    Speaker: Kibor Kipkemoi Keitany
    Title: Occupational Safety and Health Services in Kenya
    Speaker: Nuri Purwito Adi
    Title: Occupational Health Services in Indonesia
    Speaker: Aquiles Monroy
    Title: Occupational Health Services in Peru

  • Proposer: SC Emergency Preparedness and Response in Occupational Health and SC Occupational Toxicology
    Chair: Alexis Descatha and Kate Jones

    Speaker: Alexis Descatha
    Title: Feedback after a massive chemical disaster. What field practitioners should know
    Speaker: Gunnar Johnson
    Title: Biological exposure monitoring after massive chemical disasters
    Speaker: Susanne Schundter-Tatzber
    Title: Crisis preparedness of OMV
    Speaker: Rafael E. de la Hoz
    Title: Investigating Adverse Respiratory Health Effects After a Major Disaster: the World Trade Center Experience

  • Proposer: SC Indoor Air Quality and Health
    Chair: Kenichi Azuma

    Speaker: Markku Sainio
    Title: Environmental intolerance to indoor air
    Speaker: Kenichi Azuma
    Title: Indoor air quality and health effects in Japanese modern office buildings
    Speaker: Paolo Carrer
    Title: OFFICAIR project: Indoor Air quality and health effects in European modern office buildings
    Speaker: Peder Wolkoff
    Title: Indoor air humidity – the forgotten indoor parameter; impact on health, work performance, and risk of infection

  • Proposer: SC Industrial Hygiene
    Chair: Lena Andersson

    Speaker: Deborah Glass
    Title: Changes to Silica Exposure Control Measures in the Artificial Stone Benchtop Industry in Victoria Australia
    Speaker: Merete Drevvatne Bugge
    Title: Health effects of RCS exposure – reduced OEL
    Speaker: Margaret Philips
    Title: RCS exposure and control measures for artificial stone work

  • Proposer: SC Mining Occupational Safety and Health
    Chair: Erik Jors and Jinky Leilanie Lu

    Speaker: Stefan Rakete
    Title: ZIMGOBIO – Biomonitoring and Health Data from two ASGM areas in Zimbabwe
    Speaker: Dingani Moyo
    Title: Tuberculosis and silicosis burden in artisanal and small-scale gold miners in a large occupational health outreach programme in Zimbabwe
    Speaker: Muchtaruddin Mansyur
    Title: Business Continuity amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Experiences on Indonesian Mining Sector
    Speaker: Thuthula Balfour
    Title: Reaching industry milestones on noise induced hearing loss in the South African Mining Industry
    Speaker: Stephan Bose-O’Reilly
    Title: Reducing disease and death from Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM)

  • Proposer: SC Mining Occupational Safety and Health and SC Industrial Hygiene
    Chair: Perry Gottesfeld and Marilyn Fingerhut

    Speaker: David Rees
    Title: What Does Reduction of Silica Mean in Terms of Preventing TB?
    Speaker: Perry Gottesfeld
    Title: Implementing Silica Dust Controls in the Informal Sector to Prevent Tuberculosis (TB)
    Speaker: Prahlad Sishodiya
    Title: The Cost of Building Monuments: Morbidity and Mortality among Stone Carving Workers
    Speaker: Roselyn Mosha
    Title: Prevalence of Silicosis and Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Formal and Informal Sector Miners in Southern Africa

  • Proposer: SC Musculoskeletal Disorders and SC Effectiveness in Occupational Health Services
    Chair: David Rempel and Stefania Curti

    Speaker: Andreas Seidler
    Title: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Occupational Factors Related to Rotator Cuff Disorders
    Speaker: Roberta Bonfiglioli
    Title: Disability and physical examination signs among workers with shoulder pain
    Speaker: Karen Walker-Bone
    Title: Return to work for the worker with a surgically treated shoulder injury
    Speaker: David Rempel
    Title: Workplace Risk Assessment Tools for Preventing Shoulder Disorders

  • Proposer: SC Nanomaterial Workers’ Health
    Chair: Ivo Iavicoli

    Speaker: Ivo Iavicoli
    Title: OSH strategies to Industry 4.0: the example of risk assessment and management of nanomaterials
    Speaker: Irina Guseva Canu
    Title: Implementation of a harmonized approach for monitoring exposure to engineered and incidental nanoparticles and their potential health effects: Protocol and First results from the EU-LIFE project NanoExplore
    Speaker: Paul A. Schulte
    Title: Ethics and Scientific Issues of New Technologies: Lessons from Nanotechnology

  • Proposer: SC Neurotoxicology & Psychophysiology
    Chair: Diane Rohlman

    Speaker: José Suarez
    Title: Residential proximity to crops in relation to pesticide exposure and mental health in Ecuadorian children and adolescents: The ESPINA study
    Speaker: Federico Rubino
    Title: The PESTIRISK tool for personal planning of pesticide safe use by field users: concept and development
    Speaker: Amity Latham
    Title: So did I pass the assessment? Following farm safety checklists to understand pesticide risk reduction using an actor-network theory approach
    Speaker: Diane Rohlman
    Title: Pesticide Risk Perception and Safety Behavior among Adolescent Pesticide Applicators in Egypt

  • Proposer: SC Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses
    Chair: Swen Malte John

    Speaker: Sanja Kezic
    Title: Skin care program for the prevention of contact dermatitis in health care workers: results from a randomized controlled trial
    Speaker: Rosemary Nixon
    Title: Occupational Dermatitis, learnings from Australia
    Speaker: Min Zhang
    Title: Skin diseases of frontline health workers in China: from perspectives of occupational protection against COVID-19
    Speaker: Albert Nienhaus
    Title: The Burden of COVID-19 in Health Workers
    Speaker: Swen Malte John
    Title: Occupational contact dermatitis – current status and prevention

  • Proposer: SC Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses and SC Radiation and Work
    Chair: Marc Wittlich

    Speaker: Marc Wittlich
    Title: Strategies to address the increasing burden of Occupational skin cancer
    Speaker: Alberto Modenese
    Title: The problem of UV related skin cancer underreporting: the case of Italy
    Speaker: Swen Malte John
    Title: Disease burden of occupational skin cancer and global Call to Action

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health and Development
    Chair: Diana Gagliardi

    Speaker: Shyam Pingle
    Title: Gamification and benchmarking – Tools to achieve occupational health at workplace
    Speaker: Tsuyoshi Kawakami
    Title: Participatory approaches to improving safety and health in small and informal economy workplace in South Asia
    Speaker: Ehi Iden
    Title: Challenges Towards OSH Growth and Workplace Improvement Implementation in Africa
    Speaker: Elia Enriquez Viveros
    Title: Sharing Solutions in Occupational Health: Best Practices from LMIC countries

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health for Health Workers and SC Women Health and Work
    Chair: Igor Bello

    Speaker: Acran Salmen Navarro
    Title: Gender Ergonomics in Healthcare: Preventing disparities by promoting inclusive designs
    Speaker: Alma Jennifer Gutierrez
    Title: Redesigning the Radiologists Workstation at De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC)

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health for Health Workers
    Chair: Gwen Brachman

    Speaker: Sophia Kisting-Cairncross
    Title: Respiratory protection for health workers, some controversies surrounding these and possible solutions
    Speaker: Gwen Brachman
    Title: Updates on Protections against Infectious Agents in Health Care
    Speaker: Antoon De Schryver
    Title: Long-term vaccine immunity against Hepatitis B virus in Health workers: issues and proposed solutions
    Speaker: Amy Behrman
    Title: Consensus and Controversies: Managing Vaccine Preventable Respiratory Diseases for Healthcare Personnel in the Era of COVID-19

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health in the Chemical Industry
    Chair: Murray Coombs and Steffen Hitzeroth

    Speaker: Tee Guidotti
    Title: Sustainability and the Future of Occupational Health in the Chemical Sector
    Speaker: Paul Gannon & Murray Coombs
    Title: COVID-19 Response and Health and Safety Challenges / Solutions in the Agriscience Sector
    Speaker: David Miedinger
    Title: Handling of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry
    Speaker: Janvier Gasana
    Title: OSH Challenges and Opportunities in Mining in Africa with a Focus on DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Speaker: Kenneth Mundt
    Title: Occupational epidemiological surveillance in the chemical industry: Advancing Responsible Care and Corporate Citizenship goals

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health in the Construction Industry
    Chair: Krishna Nirmalya Sen

    Speaker: Knut Ringen
    Title: OSH Challenges in Construction – Providing Practical OSH Tools for Small and Medium Sized Employers
    Speaker: Krishna Nirmalya Sen
    Title: OSH Challenges in Construction–Mitigation through Digital Technology & Innovative Approach in India
    Speaker: Sathyanarayanan Rajendran
    Title: COVID 19 Challenges in Construction Sector -Experiences from USA

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Health Nursing
    Chair: Kim Davies and Kirsi Lappalainen

    Speaker: Kirsi Lappalainen
    Title: The work of an occupational health nurse in Finland during COVID-19
    Speaker: Minako Sasaki
    Title: Fostering healthy workplaces in the aging society Japan – pratices under Covid-19
    Speaker: Janice Riegen
    Title: Are Occupational Health Nurses keeping up with our changing world of work?
    Speaker: Kim Davies
    Title: The work of an occupational health nurse in South Africa during COVID-19 and preparing for the future

  • Proposer: SC Occupational Toxicology
    Chair: Silvia Fustinoni

    Speaker: Peter J. Boogaard
    Title: Overview of benzene OELs and what is changing in EU
    Speaker: Silvia Fustinoni
    Title: Overview on biomarkers of exposure useful for risk assessment
    Speaker: Thomas Göen
    Title: Biological assessment values for benzene – From exposure to risk assessment
    Speaker: Radu Corneliu Duca
    Title: Novel biomonitoring of early biological effects upon benzene low-level exposure

  • Proposer: SC Radiation and Work
    Chair: Marc Wittlich

    Speaker: Carsten Altekoster
    Title: Risk assessment for workers with CIEDs exposed by electromagnetic fields
    Speaker: Alberto Modenese
    Title: Biological effects induced by EMF exposure and the conditions determining a particular risk for the exposed workers
    Speaker: Ken Karipidis
    Title: The ARPANSA indications for the prevention of the occupational risk related to EMF exposure
    Speaker: Fabriziomaria Gobba
    Title: The health surveillance of workers exposed to EMF: an outline of criteria

  • Proposer: SC Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace
    Chair: Hsiao-Yu Yang

    Speaker: Chung-Yen Chen
    Title: Effects of specific occupations on the reproductive system
    Speaker: Rodger Tsai
    Title: Effects of occupational physical exposure on the reproductive system
    Speaker: Ping-Hui Chen
    Title: Effects of occupational psychosocial exposure on the reproductive system
    Speaker: Min-Han Tsai
    Title: Effects of occupational chemical exposure on the reproductive system

  • Proposer: SC Respiratory Disorders and SC Emergency Preparedness in Occupational Health (SCEPROH)
    Chair: Rafael de la Hoz and Max Lum

    Speaker: Kristi Anderson
    Title: Integrating Medical Monitoring and Research Findings to Optimize Care for Those Responding to the September 11 (2001) Terrorist Attacks in the U.S
    Speaker: Max Lum
    Title: Unique Enhanced Outreach Initiatives of the World Trade Center Health (WTCHP) Program
    Speaker: Roberto Lucchini
    Title: Cognitive Impact of Exposure to Neurotoxicants and Psychological Trauma among the 9/11 Responders
    Speaker: Alexis Descatha
    Title: Terrorist Paris Attack: Lessons in Occupational Health

  • Proposer: SC Rural Health: Agriculture, Pesticides and Organic Dusts and Collegium Ramazzini
    Chair: Claudio Colosio

    Speaker: Daniele Mandrioli
    Title: The Global Glyphosate Study: experimental evidence on the most widely used herbicide worldwide
    Speaker: Luoping Zhang
    Title: Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and Risk for Haematological Malignancy in Exposed Humans: An updated overview
    Speaker: Kurt Straif
    Title: Evaluation of the Carcinogenicity of Glyphosate by the IARC Monographs Programme and New Developments
    Speaker: Angelo Moretto
    Title: Classification of chemicals for carcinogenic effects: why it is time to abandon it

  • Proposer: SC Rural Health: Agriculture, Pesticides and Organic Dusts
    Chair: Sashikala Chandrasekar

    Speaker: Claudio Colosio
    Title: Pesticide exposure and human behavior: evidences, uncertainties, open points
    Speaker: Pierluigi Cocco
    Title: Cancer risk and pesticide use in agricultural settings
    Speaker: Susan Brumby
    Title: Respiratory symptoms among farmers in Victoria, Australia
    Speaker: Vivi Schlünssen
    Title: Agricultural exposure and COPD – an update

  • Proposer: SC Shiftwork and Working Time
    Chair: Stephen Popkin

    Speaker: Anne Helene Garde
    Title: Scheduling of night shift work
    Speaker: Mikko Härmä
    Title: Implementation of the scientific research on shift work, recovery and health in the social and health care sector of Finland
    Speaker: Drew Dawson
    Title: Shared Responsibility: a legal framework for managing the risks associated with non-work related activities
    Speaker: Donald Fisher
    Title: Sleep- fatigue and recovery in automated vehicles: Measures and countermeasures
    Speaker: Imelda Wong
    Title: Working 5(pm) to 9(am), What a way to make a living: Strategies for shift workers to recover during their time off

  • Proposer: SC Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector and Migration Health and Development Research Initiative
    Chair: Mahinda Seneviratne

    Speaker: Sally Hargreaves
    Title: Improving the health of labour migrants
    Speaker: KC Radheshyam Krishna
    Title: Health vulnerabilities of cross-border migrants in Nepal, a cross-sectional mix-method study
    Speaker: Acran Salmen-Navarro
    Title: Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)in New York City Informal Migrant Workers
    Speaker: Barry Kitsnasamy
    Title: Migrant Workers and Covid-19

  • Proposer: SC Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector and SC Respiratory Disorders
    Chair: Mahinda Seneviratne

    Speaker: Robert Cohen
    Title: The Role of Silica in Rapidly Progressive Pneumoconiosis
    Speaker: Ashish Mittal
    Title: Exposure prevention and health surveillance of low-income workers in small rural enterprises in India
    Speaker: Manti Michael
    Title: Improving Occupational Health of Artisanal Mining Communities in Northern Nigeria
    Speaker: Mahinda Seneviratne
    Title: Advice and assistance on dust exposure controls: An effective regulatory approach at micro-small enterprises in Australia

  • Proposer: SC Thermal Factors
    Chair: Jason Lee

    Speaker: Jason Lee
    Title: Workers’ health and work productivity – physiological foundation and solutions
    Speaker: Matt Brearley
    Title: Impacts and implications of heat exposure in the Australian workplaces
    Speaker: Elspeth Oppermann
    Title: Climate change, heat exposure and social impacts in and beyond the workplace
    Speaker: Wenjia Cai
    Title: Assessment of the economic impact of heat-related labour productivity loss: A systematic review

  • Proposer: SC Toxicology of metals
    Chair: Natalia Pawlas

    Speaker: Tiina Santonen
    Title: Assessment of occupational exposure to hexavalent chromium – recommendations from HBM4EU chromates study
    Speaker: Veruscka Leso
    Title: Biomonitoring of metal oxide nanoparticles in stainless steel welders
    Speaker: Roberto Lucchini
    Title: Diffuse brain deposition of beta-amyloid among italian ferroalloy workers

  • Proposer: SC Unemployment, Job insecurity and Health
    Chair: Minha Rajput-Ray

    Speaker: Ikenna Ebuenyi
    Title: Vulnerable Workers and COVID-19: Insights from a Survey of Members of the ICOH
    Speaker: Anna Suraya
    Title: Implementing the OHS guide in Indonesia for Creating and Safe and Healthy Workplace
    Speaker: Nisha Naicker
    Title: The prevalence and risk factors for common mental disorders in informal economy workers

  • Proposer: SC Vibration and noise
    Chair: Renata Sisto

    Speaker: Thais Morata
    Title: Recent collaborative initiatives to expedite progress in the risk assessment and management of ototoxic exposures at work
    Speaker: Adrian Fuente
    Title: The effects of jet fuel exposure on the auditory system of air force personnel exposed to noise
    Speaker: Chucri A. Kardous
    Title: Update of NIOSH Noise Exposure Guidelines
    Speaker: Krystin Carlson
    Title: Hearing outcome analyses in mice and humans with exposures to mixtures of metals with noise
    Speaker: Adriana Lacerda
    Title: Combined effects of low exposure levels of noise and solvents on hearing among printing workers

  • Proposer: SC Women Health and Work
    Chair: Igor Bello

    Speaker: Claudia de Hoyos
    Title: Warrior Women of the 21st Century
    Speaker: Igor Bello
    Title: Advances and setbacks in health gender gaps and the respective SDGs in the postpandemic
    Speaker: Julietta Rodriguez-Guzman
    Title: Impact of the Pandemic on the Social and Environmental Determinants of the Health of Working Women in the Americas
    Speaker: Saloshni Naidoo
    Title: Vulnerability Of Women Employees In The Covid-19 Pandemic In South Africa

  • Proposer: SC Work and Vision
    Chair: Miguel Kabilio

    Speaker: Bruno Piccoli
    Title: Risk assessment for photoreceptor degeneration from occupational blue light exposure. Are we there yet?
    Speaker: Dino Pisaniello
    Title: Risk assessment for photoreceptor degeneration from occupational blue light exposure. Are we there yet?
    Speaker: Miguel Kabilio
    Title: Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell (ipRGC): Non Visual Function. Blue Light Action

  • Proposer: SC Work Disability Prevention and Integration
    Chair: Karen Nieuwenhuijsen and Malte Steinhoff

    Speaker: Evelien Brouwers and
    Kim Janssens
    Title: Social stigma as underestimated barrier to paid employment
    Speaker: Carolyn S. Dewa
    Title: Beyond Awareness – Teaching Skills to Effectively Support Mental Health in a Non-Traditional Workplace
    Speaker: Margot Joosen
    Title: Strengthen the wellbeing, mental health and employability in health-care professionals
    Speaker: Karen Nieuwenhuijsen
    Title: Prevention of mental health problems in healthcare workers, from a randomized controlled trial to the implementation in workplaces

  • Proposer: SC Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors (WOPS)
    Chair: Stavroula Leka

    Speaker: Stavroula Leka
    Title: The European policy context for the management of psychosocial risks at work
    Speaker: Cristina Di Tecco
    Title: The management of psychosocial risks over the last 10 years in Italy: State of art and emerging issues
    Speaker: Tessa Bailey
    Title: The Australian policy context for the management of psychosocial risks at work
    Speaker: Aditya Jain
    Title: ISO 45003: The first international standard on psychosocial risk management at work

  • Proposer: SC Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors (WOPS) and SC Shiftwork and Working Time
    Chair: Akihito Shimazu and Masaya Takahashi

    Speaker: Hans P.A. Van Dongen
    Title: Prospective and retrospective rest and recovery strategies in 24/7 cargo operations
    Speaker: Greg Roach
    Title: The timing of daytime sleep, and thus the timing of daytime light exposure/avoidance, affects the response of the internal body clock to night work
    Speaker: Frida Marina Fischer
    Title: Typologies of everyday life and off-work experiences among Brazilian teachers
    Speaker: Jessica de Bloom
    Title: Crafting work and leisure for recovery and optimal functioning across life domains

  • Proposer: Asian Ban Asbestos Network and Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center
    Chair: Sugio Furuya

    Speaker: Jukka Takala
    Title: Global Elimination of Asbestos and Asbestos-related Diseases
    Speaker: Anna Suraya
    Title: Making Asbestos-Related Diseases visible in Indonesia
    Speaker: Ashish Mittal
    Title: Making ARDs visible in India
    Speaker: Lance Richman
    Title: Working Towards the Banning of Asbestos in Pacific Island Countries
    Speaker: Ken Takahashi
    Title: e-Toolkit for the Elimination of Asbestos-Related Diseases in Developing Countries

  • Proposer: European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) and SC Education and Training in OH
    Chair: Alenka Škerjanc

    Speaker: Vassilios Papalois
    Title: UEMS and Medical Training in Europe
    Speaker: Alenka Škerjanc
    Title: European Training Requirements in Occupational Medicine
    Speaker: Begoña Martínez-Jarreta
    Title: Key Collaboration of EASOM in the Development of the European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine
    Speaker: Fabriziomaria Gobba
    Title: European Postgraduate Assessment in Occupational Medicine in Practice
    Speaker: Tiago Barros Oliveira
    Title: The Importance of European Postgraduate Assessment for trainees in Occupational Medicine in Europe

  • Proposer: Child Labour in Agriculture, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
    Chair: Peter Hurst

    Speaker: Halim Hamzaoui
    Title: WIND: A participatory approach to promote occupational safety and health in agricultural Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    Speaker: Andrews Tagoe
    Title: How to ensure health and safe working conditions for all
    Speaker: Nadia Correale
    Title: Adaptive learning approaches for addressing hazardous child labour and reducing pesticide exposure
    Speaker: Ariane Genthon
    Title: Promoting a comprehensive approach in the agriculture sector and by agriculture stakeholders towards the elimination of hazardous work and child labour

  • Proposer: ICOH Board
    Chair: Kari Reijula and Jorma Rantanen

    Speaker: Kari Reijula
    Title: Need for modern harmonized curriculum for occupational health professionals
    Speaker: Won-Jun Choi
    Title:Occupational medicine training in Korea
    Speaker: João Silvestre Silva-Junior
    Title: Best practices of training Latin America experts in occupational health
    Speaker: Kim Davies
    Title: New challenges in the training of occupational health nurses

  • Proposer: ICOH Past President
    Chair: Jorma Rantanen and Kari Reijula

    Speaker: Jorma Rantanen
    Title: Origin and history of the ICOH code of ethics
    Speaker: Antonio Valenti
    Title: Ethics and Occupational Health: from the changing world of work to the future challenges of COVID-19 pandemic
    Speaker: Jorma Rantanen
    Title: Challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic to professional ethics in occupational health
    Speaker: Claudina Nogueira
    Title: Codes and guides on professional ethics for non-medical / multidisciplinary occupational health experts

  • Proposer: International collaboration/consortium on OHS in Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood processing
    Chair: Mohamed Jeebhay

    Speaker: Dorothy Ngajilo
    Title: Occupational health and safety in Tanzanian aquaculture – emerging issues
    Speaker: Lissandra Cavalli
    Title: Occupational safety and health risk assessment and management challenges in Brazil – lessons from the AquaSafe mobile software application
    Speaker: Barbara Neis
    Title: Marine finfish aquaculture mass mortalities and aquaculture occupational health and safety: assessing hazards and risk
    Speaker: Ingunn Holmen
    Title: Safer workplaces in fish farming – strategies for mitigating occupational health and safety risks

  • Proposer: International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative (IOMSC)
    Chair: Richard Heron

    Speaker: Marianne Cloeren
    Title: Findings of an international survey on how occupational and environmental medicine expertise is developed and maintained
    Speaker: Peter Connaughton
    Title: International best practices and barriers to developing expertise in occupational and environmental medicine
    Speaker: Richard Heron
    Title: Opportunities for increased collaboration to advance the development of OEM expertise internationally

  • Proposer: Nordic Future of Work and OSH Group
    Chair: Wiking Husberg

    Speaker: Yogindra Samant
    Title: Work today and in the future : Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health challenges and opportunities for the Nordic labour inspectorates
    Speaker: William Cockburn
    Title: EU OSHA’s perspectives on the Future of Work and OSH
    Speaker: Joaquim Pintado Nunes
    Title: Occupational Safety and Health Challenges and Solutions in the Post-Pandemic Future of Work: ILOs View
    Speaker: Michelle Baxter
    Title: Work, Health and Safety Beyond Covid-19
    Speaker: Siong Hin Ho
    Title: Labour Inspection and Occupational Health during and post pandemic period

  • Proposer: Partnership for European Research on Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH)
    Chair: Diana Gagliardi

    Speaker: Louis Laurent
    Title: Pandemic and post-pandemic challenges – Summary of the “Covid sessions” at the 4th Perosh research conference
    Speaker: Fabio Boccuni
    Title: Risk analysis of Covid-19 in the workplace: practical approaches by activity sector in Italy
    Speaker: Anita Tisch
    Title: Infection Control Measures and Occupational Safety and Health in German Companies during and after the Covid-19 Crisis
    Speaker: Rebeca Martín Andrés
    Title: Working in times of Covid-19: Psychosocial risks and emotional impact on health centers staff
    Speaker: Noortje Wiezer
    Title: Working from home during the COVID -19 pandemic in the Netherlands

  • Proposer: Working Group Demographic Changes and OH
    Chair: Susan Gunn

    Speaker: Michaelle de Cock
    Title: ILO-UNICEF 2020 Global estimates of child labour
    Speaker: Susan Gunn
    Title: Psychological health of children who work: the effects of schooling, age and gender
    Speaker: Anaclaudia Gastal Fassa
    Title: Occupational and Health Profile of Children Working in Tobacco Family Farms in Brazil
    Speaker: Sunil Kumar Joshi
    Title: Psycho-social functioning of child workers in the brick industry in Nepal

  • Proposer: Working Group Future of Decent Work
    Chair: Paul Schulte

    Speaker: Paul Schulte
    Title: Framework for Identifying Occupational Health and Safety Issues and Decent Work
    Speaker: Acran Salmen-Navarro
    Title: 4D Jobs – Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult and Discriminatory: An update of the 3D Job theory
    Speaker: Stavroula Leka
    Title: Policy Considerations in the Future of Decent Work
    Speaker: Maureen Dollard
    Title: Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) In The Future Of Work

  • Proposer: Working Group Occupational Infectious Agents
    Chair: Tanusha Singh and Mary Ross

    Speaker: Tanusha Singh
    Title: Overiew of biorisk management: reality to resilience
    Speaker: Thomas P. Fuller
    Title: Hazardous biological agents: risk assessment to risk control
    Speaker: Stefano Porru
    Title: Health surveillance and fitness for work
    Speaker: Mohamed F. Jeebhay
    Title: Non-infectious hazardous biological agents – what have we learnt about inhalant food allergens in the workplace?

  • Proposer: Working Group Participatory Approaches in Occupational Health
    Chair: Etsuko Yoshikawa

    Speaker: Kazutaka Kogi
    Title: The roles of action-oriented tools in small and medium-sized enterprises
    Speaker: Ton That Khai
    Title: Adaptation of participatory action tools to improve occupational safety and health in African countries
    Speaker: Etsuko Yoshikawa
    Title: Participatory approach and tools for stress reduction in Japan
    Speaker: Wanpen Songkham
    Title: The effect of an ergonomics intervention on psychosocial factors and musculoskeletal symptoms among health care workers in Thailand

  • Proposer: Workplace Health Without Borders (International)
    Chair: Kevin Hedges

    Speaker: Chris Laszcz-Davis
    Title: OHTA’s process for building capacity in Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety —Changing the world, one course at a time
    Speaker: René LeBlanc
    Title: The importance of occupational hygiene principles and collaboration between organizations to fight a pandemic
    Speaker: Lydia Renton
    Title: Workplace Health Without Borders – The Tanzania Experience: Training and Projects
    Speaker: Lynda Lawson
    Title: Gemstone Processing in Jaipur: addressing Occupational Health and Safety concerns collaboratively

  • Proposer: World Health Organization (WHO)
    Chair: Frank Pega and Halim Hamzaoui

    Speaker: Jian Li
    Title: Effect of exposure to long working hours on ischaemic heart disease
    Speaker: Grace Sembajwe
    Title: Effect of exposure to long working hours on stroke
    Speaker: Reiner Rugulies
    Title: The effect of exposure to long working hours on depression
    Speaker: Lode Godderis
    Title: Effect of exposure to long working hours on alcohol consumption, risky drinking and alcohol use disorder