• 33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022

Semi-Plenary Speakers

We are pleased to announce the experts who are joining us for Semi-Plenary sessions

Lisa Brosseau


What Kind of Mask Should Workers and the Public Wear for an Aerosol-Transmissible Infectious Disease?

Edith Clarke


Health care waste management and Occupational health – who cares for the carer?

Elizabeth Costa Dias


Basic health care/family and workers’ health programs performed by occupational health professionals among vulnerable populations

Rocío De Diego Cordero


Occupational health in migrant workers: what are the issues?

Caroline Crosse


Employment of people with mental illness: Challenges and solutions

Perry Gottesfeld


Actions Needed to Address TB Risks Among Health Workers and Silica-exposed Trades

Tee L. Guidotti


Reconciling epidemiological and toxicological data: some general principles and the example of firefighters

Rima Habib


Child labour in refugee settings

Adolfo Hernandez


The challenge of ensuring business sustainability during outbreak

Irene Houtman

The Netherlands

Psychosocial risks, their management and the use of linked surveys

Ryan Hoy


Artificial stone and a new epidemic of silica-related diseases

Ehi Iden


OSH Regulations and Enforcement: Comparison Between LMIC and High- Income Countries

Ivan Ivanov


Lessons learned for global occupational health from the COVID-19 pandemic and building forward better

Jeong-ok Kong

Rep. of Korea

The role and activities of public interest NGOs in promoting occupational safety and health

Peter Leggat


The complex interface between occupational health, public health and travel medicine

Rajen Naidoo

South Africa

Occupational Health and Safety for Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector (in Southern Africa)

Sharon Parker


The Future of Work: Emerging Risks and Opportunities for Health and Well-Being

Nina Rubtsova

Russian Federation

The development of mobile communication system and human health risks

Shrinivas Shanbhag


Occupational Health – Adding Value to Business

Akizumi Tsutsumi


Preventing overwork related disorders “Karoshi”

Collin Tukuitonga

New Zealand

Occupational Health in the Small Islands Developing States of the Pacific

Orrapan Untimanon


Basic Occupational Health Services in Thailand, an example for others?

Ari Väänänen


How mental health became a problem? The transition of working life and “workership”

Sun Xin

P. R. China

Reform of Occupational Health Authority in China and its perspectives