• 33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022

ICOH 2022 Global Policy Forum

Work as a key dimension of the COVID-19 pandemic: Sharing experiences and solutions in occupational health.

Prediction, prevention and preparedness for emergencies at work with special reference to the risk of pandemics.

The ICOH and the ICOH 2022 Organizers have decided to convene a Global Policy Forum as an important component and highlight of the ICOH 2022 Congress. Leading experts in the field of the pandemic and other occupational emergencies, researchers, and policymakers from international organizations and various continents will interactively debate the Forum theme with the Congress participants. The main thrust of the Forum will be to discuss the practical implementation of policies and strategies and to translate research and expert knowledge into effective practice, to improve prediction, prevention and preparedness for possible future pandemics and other emergencies.

The Forum discussion will draw from the lessons learned from experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and other major emergencies and outcomes in working populations. Strategies for priority actions and programs for a better future world of work will be formulated.

Chair: Dr. Jukka Takala, President of ICOH


International Labour Organization
Mr. Joaquim Pintado Nunes, Chief of Labour
Administration and Occupational Safety and Health
World Health Organization
Dr. Ivan Ivanov, Head, Occupational and Workplace
Dr. Spo Kgalamono, Director of the National Institute
for Occupational Health, South Africa

Prof. Luong Mai Anh, Ministry of Health, Vietnam
Prof. Sergio Iavicoli, Ministry of Health, Italy
Latin America
Dr. Julietta Rodriguez Guzmán, PAHO (until Oct 2021)
Oceania and the Pacific
Prof. Margaret Hellard, Deputy Director of the Burnet
Institute Melbourne, Australia